The Stranger (3/?)

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Someone’s in a fine mood.” Derek mused as Logan yelled at a terrified Thad.


Derek chuckled under his breath. Thad paled dramatically as Logan’s eyes flashed furiously and he dashed away from the prefect’s view, taking his cappuccino with him.

“The poor guy only wanted an espresso, Lo.” Derek said over his coffee and he returned to taking notes for Newman. Logan dropped his head into his hands; the ringing in his ears was driving him insane.

“Doesn’t mean he has to be such a bitch and keep the rest of the house from getting their coffee.”

He heard the slight clatter of plastic against wood and Logan blearily looked up at Derek, who had set the small orange bottle on the table.

“I get it; you’re hung over, but take your meds.”

Logan glanced at the bottle with a look of disdain and he groaned. “I’ll still have this headache for fuck’s sake.” He glared at Derek. “How the hell are you all shiny and happy?”

“Because I didn’t get shit drunk last night.” Derek smiled cattily. “I was busy.”

“You’re. Such. A.” Logan stood up and smacked the back of his head. “Tool.”

“You’re just frustrated that they aren’t getting any.”

Logan started to walk back to his room when a small object his back.

“Hey, take your meds!”

Logan waved his hand in dismissal. “I can’t, I have a date tonight.” He paused. “And believe it or not, I would like to be able to have a little fun.”

Derek stared at Logan in surprise. “What about Hummel?”

“Again, aren’t I allowed to have a little fun?” Logan sauntered down the hall. “Oh and I’m going to need your car.”


Logan adjusted his blazer as he tried to remember how to get to that old car garage. For some odd reason, Julian wanted Logan to pick him up at Ramirez’s place.

Then a nice dinner and then right back to Dalton.

And if the next morning, Julian never wanted to see him again and practically ran out of his room and out of his life.

Logan smiled bitterly.

Then he would get another guy to distract him from himself.

He ran a hand over his hair as he stepped out into the cool evening air, routine, routine, routine.

It could last for weeks and Logan still wouldn’t be able to care if he wanted to leave, after all, he was just another distraction and that’s what Logan needed.

And with Logan Wright, there were always plenty available.

He stared at the deep blue sky, the sun had just set and it was gorgeous shade of blue…

He glanced back at the ground as he continued to walk to the parking lot, rubbing his thumb along the jagged edge of Derek’s car keys.

Does everything blue have to remind him of Kurt?

He scowled just as his phone rang.

The whole point of this is to stop thinking about Kurt.

He caught a glimpse of the caller ID; Julian.

“Hello princess.”

Logan was met by silence and was prepared to hang up when he heard a strangled sound. It sounded like a choked back sob.

He warily spoke. “…Julian-“

“I can’t make it tonight.” His tone was curt and abrupt, any sort of trace of a sobbing gone, and there were noises in the back round that sounded like yelling.

“…said…would tell us….if…like this…happened!“

“What the hell is going on?” Logan strained to hear what people were yelling.

“We….to….fucking hospital!”

“Hospital?!” Logan asked harshly and Julian’s normal, crazy tone was back.

“Who fucking knows, my neighbourhood is bat shit crazy.” Logan heard him take a deep breath. “Anyway the point is, LoLo, that I can’t make it tonight, actually hold that thought,”


“Probably can’t ever see you again to be honest. Guess this is actually goodbye.” He laughed and Logan heard a loud clanging and rustling.

“For God’s sake, J, you need to go to-“

“Bye, your majesty, I’m sure you’ll get along just fine without my daunting presence. And I hope this little thing we had going will forever leave a mark on your brain, the emotion and life changing affect of it all, I’m sure, will be worthy of making a chick flick.”


The call ended.



No, Logan certainly wasn’t concerned for Julian.

He was just…confused and rather irritated.

“What the fuck was that call about?” He muttered as he pulled into the gas station, the dimming lights normally wouldn’t be able to provide nearly enough light to see, but the silvery moonlight washed everything in an almost breathtaking light.

Logan stepped out of his car and looked around. He saw nothing, no one was around.

…Guess he was never going to see Julian again.

What the hell?

It didn’t fucking matter, he rolled his eyes in annoyance for letting his thoughts get away with him. He just wanted to figure out what happened.

He opened his mouth to cry out but he stopped when he heard a quiet, almost bitter chuckling that he barely managed to catch. Logan slowly made his way to the side of the building and peered around the stack of boxes they kept back there.

A shadowed figure sat, leaning against the wall, their knees bent and a hand rested on them, extended out into the light. Bloodied and cut up.

The slight ember glow of a newly lit cigarette was the only thing Logan saw in the shadows.

“Princess is that you?” Logan called out, it almost sounded snarky.

There was a long stretch of silence as the cigarette was lowered and Logan heard the soft clink of glass against concrete. Logan stepped back onto the crunchy, dying grass; the property wasn’t very well cared for.

“You’re fucking kidding me.” His voice sounded like a strained attempt to sound amused, but was tinged with irritation and utter annoyance. That soon changed when he barked out an almost terrifyingly delighted laugh.

Logan took another step back.

“Oh god-“ He bent forward, his head ducked down as he continued to laugh and Logan’s eyes widened slightly as he saw his face was bruised and blood trailed down from his hair line. “This,” He shook his head. “This is too good.”

Logan hissed as he started to step forward. “What?”

He looked up in surprise at Logan’s concerned tone, as if he truly expected that no one could even act like they gave a rat’s ass. A second later he had his head thrown back.


“You came anyway.” He said it like it was the most comical thing he had ever heard. Logan felt like tearing his own hair out in exasperation.

This was crazy.

He was crazy.

He wiped tears of laughter from his eyes as he calmed down and he grinned, staring up at Logan.

Giving him a clear view of his face.

He had a gash across the top of his forehead and another on his cheek. A purpling bruise marred his cheek and he took a long drink from the bottle in his hand, following it with a drag from his cigarette.

“What the fucking hell happened, Julian-“

Logan started to move towards him and he was stopped when Julian barked out another laugh.

It was unbelievably infuriating.

“Why the hell are you laughing?”

Logan hissed, anger creeping into his voice.

“What, did you think,” Julian just kept on laughing, bitterly this time. “Did you think everybody lives a perfect little life like you, your majesty?” He spat out Logan’s nickname as he struggled to stand up. He fell to his knees and Logan ran forward. Julian held up a hand and laughed wildly again. Shocking Logan even more and more as his laughter grew out of control.

“Just, fuck off. Though it truly warms the cockles of my black heart,” Julian packed as much sarcasm as humanly possible into his words.

“I don’t need some spoiled brat’s help.”

Logan’s eyes flared dangerously. “Spoiled brat?” Just as he was about to let his guard down and let the anger take over someone’s voice cut through the air.

“J, there you-Logan?”

“Ramirez, just in time!” Julian grinned cheerfully and clambered to his feet, though he had to lean against the wall and he sloppily finished the bottle. “Care to join us?”

Logan struggled to stay calm and act as though Julian’s words hadn’t affected him.

Because they hadn’t.

…He barely knew him.

So why the fuck should he care what Julian thought?


He didn’t.

Ramirez stormed forward, ignoring Julian’s protests and picking him up, slinging Julian’s over his own shoulder and Logan ducked under Julian’s other arm.

“Wright, what are you doing here?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“We had a date!” Julian painfully slapped the back of Logan’s head. “I would say that matters, I don’t say yes to every hot guy I run across.”

Logan yelped and Julian nearly fell backwards, catching himself by holding onto the cardboard boxes.

“Just take me back home.”

Julian’s voice cracked when he said home. Ramirez went to help him again and snarled as Julian resisted.

“J, you need fucking mental help if you think I’m going to let you go back to your Dad’s like this.”

“Well considering how many times that this has-“

“Julian!” Logan snapped and Julian lazily turned his attention towards him. “For fuck’s sake, just go inside or I’m going to pay Ramirez to not give you your cigarettes.”

Julian raised his eyebrows, unimpressed, and started to stumble towards the door just as Logan and Ramirez caught him from falling.


They carried Julian over to a beat up sofa, the smell of gasoline burned Logan’s nose and Julian collapsed back onto the sofa. Groaning as he shifted and Ramirez bent down to pull off his leather jacket.

“Logan, you’re dressing the wounds.”

“What? Why?”

“Cause knowing J, he’ll throw that tequila bottle at anyone else, but seeing as to how he’s been relatively civil to you, you’re probably the only guy that can do it without getting seriously maimed.”

That was relatively civil?


“Don’t worry, your majesty, I don’t bite.” Julian smirked, his words hardly slurring. “Unless you’re into that sort of thing, then we should-”

Ramirez jammed a lollipop between Julian’s lips.

“You need to watch that mouth of yours, J.”

Julian popped the cherry candy out of his mouth and rested it on his bottom lip.

“Last time I checked, you liked my mouth fine. Hmmm, Ramirez?” Julian pulled him forward, their faces an inch apart and Ramirez sighed. As if he was used to this and pushed Julian away.

“Logan, watch him and make sure he doesn’t kill himself.” Ramirez muttered under his breath as he brushed past Logan. Julian swirled his tongue around the lollipop, playfully asking.

“Lolo, do you think I’m pretty?”

“Not if you call me Lolo.”

“Your majesty, am I pretty?”

Logan looked up at the ceiling, silently praying for Julian to shut up. “Gorgeous, Julian, gorgeous.”

“You’re not looking at me.”

“I know.”

Logan slowly lowered his gaze from the cracked ceiling and stared at Julian, who was messily sprawled across the sofa. His gold brown eyes bore a hole into the wall and a strip of tan skin was revealed by his lifted shirt. His cheeks hollowed around the candy as he sucked on it.


Logan almost shook his head.

Dear God, he should not be able to do that?

Does he know what he’s doing?!

…I wonder what his lips taste like…

Logan looked away.

Julian was…good looking.


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