Tweedles: I Will Follow You Into The Dark

“Where’s Ethan?” Dwight asked.


Dwight stiffened; everyone wiped their eyes and faces.

They didn’t want to cry.

Not in front of Ethan.

Dwight hissed through gritted teeth. “Alone?”

Dwight knew what it was like to lose a brother.

And he also knew what Ethan was planning on doing the very moment he was left alone.

This dawned upon the group of Windsors, Hanovers and Stuarts.

Everyone’s eyes widened as their heads shot up and they lunged at the closed door.



They pounded on the door, Logan and Kurt tried to break it open.



Logan punched the door angrily as their attempts continued to fail. Julian pulled Logan’s hand back and everyone stopped shouting.

The bathroom was completely silent.

“Everybody move!”

Charlie and Justin backed up several feet and ran at the door, painfully ramming into it, they ignored the pain and ran into the door again.

Everyone gasped as Charlie howled in pain, the door refused to budge.

Dwight’s hands shook as he appeared with a long sword.

He stuck the blade into the crack of the door and wedged the door open a millimeter.

Wes and Derek tackled the door as everyone continued to try to break it open.

Dwight made the final blow and he nearly fell.


Dwight scrambled towards where Ethan lay on the floor, his hands trying to cover the deep cuts on his arms.


Ethan’s bright blonde hair was spattered with his blood; he was lying in a pool of it. His ice blue eyes fluttered, slowly dimming.

“C-can’t live without…Evan…”


Love Of Mine, Someday You Will Die

But I’ll Be Close Behind

I’ll Follow You Into The Dark


Ethan picked up the razor as he locked the door.

Evan couldn’t be dead…

Yet he was.

I feel so…empty.

I…I never used ‘I’ before.

It was always ‘we’.

He fell to his knees, his hot tears falling onto the pristine white tile.

It was always ‘we’.

Ethan hadn’t even been there when he died.

Because Evan had pushed him out of the fire just in time.

He ran the knife along his arm.

Still…not feeling anything.

Except that loneliness.

But it wasn’t him.

It was Evan.

And he could feel it.

Even now.

Again. More blood dripped, until it started to gush.

Everything started spinning and Ethan still couldn’t feel any panic.

What was he without his other half?

…Ethan couldn’t just be Ethan…not without Evan.

They could never be separated.

There isn’t a me without him.

Another slash.


Everything was swallowed by darkness.


No Blinding Light

Or Tunnels To Gates Of White

Just Our Hands Clasped So Tight

Waiting For The Hint Of A Spark


“Talking flowers!”

Seven year old Ethan and Evan Brightman grinned toothily as they waved towards Audee and her friend.

“Want to see something?” They chorused together like they always did.

“Of course.”

They pulled their hands from behind their backs and held out origami flowers.

“Flowers for talking flowers!” Their ice blue eyes sparkled.

Audee’s friend took them, “Thank you.”

Audee waved her hands urgently, trying to stop her.

Whip cream squirted out from the middle, covering her face.

Ethan and Evan linked hands and ran away, sprinting on their short legs.


If Heaven And Hell Decide That They Both Are Satisfied

Illuminate The No’s On Their Vacancy Signs

If There’s No One Beside You When You’re Soul Embarks

Then I’ll Follow You Into The Dark.


They pulled apart.

Kissing was nice.

Ethan leaned against Evan’s shoulder and smiled softly.

They clasped hands like they always did.

“Now we’re each other’s first kisses.”


In Catholic School

As Vicious As Roman Rule

I Got My Knuckles Bruised

By A Lady In Black


“Separate them?” Audee’s voice sounded shrill. Her parent’s signed again, explaining what the doctors said.

Ethan and Evan stared with wide eyes as they watched from around the corner, how could they possibly manage to get through first grade if they were separated?

It wasn’t even possible to live without the other.

“They’re going to separate us?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t let them.”

“Evan, I don’t want to be separated.”

“Me too.” Evan turned around and pressed their foreheads together. “I promise. No one can pull us apart.”

Ethan brightened. “Yeah, like in those movies that Audee always watches, we’re soul mates.”

Evan nuzzled his nose. “Yeah, soul mates.”

“Nothing can touch us.” They said at the same time.


And I Held My Tongue

As She Told Me “Son,

“Fear Is The Heart Of Love”

So I Never Went Back


The doctor’s shrieks could be heard through the phone. Ethan and Evan shared a smirk as their parents sighed exasperatedly.

“You-what happened?”


“…Plastic balls.”


Their mother rubbed the bridge of her nose tiredly. “Alright Mr. McAllister, we will be calling you back later.” She turned to her sons. “You really don’t want to be separated.”

Evan and Ethan simply stared at her.

Though she seemed to understood now.

It wasn’t that they simply didn’t want to be separated.

It was that they couldn’t.


If Heaven And Hell Decide That They Both Are Satisfied

Illuminate The No’s On Their Vacancy Signs

If There’s No One Beside You When You’re Soul Embarks

Then I’ll Follow You Into The Dark.



Their third grade classmates sneered and spat at them.

Their bright eyes gleamed with mischief as they boys turned their backs on them and walked away.

In class, their snacks were replaced with bug candy.

At recess, the balls were always deflated.

During lunch, they would always call them freaks.

“But that’s because we are.”

They said, large smiles on their faces as they did so.

“What’s so fun about being normal?”

“Being a freak is more fun. Don’t you think?”

The bullies were speechless and Ethan and Evan intertwined their fingers.

They were freaks.

Freaks, together.

…No one could understand how they felt.

Because they were on top of the world.

It may have been the childish innocence and sharp intelligence.

Or that they never had to go anywhere, still wondering if there was someone in the world that would complete them.

Because they were born complete.

The other half to one another.

They already had everything they needed.


You And Me

Have Seen Everything To See

From Bangkok To Calgary

And The Soles Of Your Shoes Are All Worn Down


They both screamed, quickly shooting up as they dripped in cold sweat.

It was only a nightmare.

Though they hadn’t had nightmares like that since elementary school.

It was middle school.

And they both had that nightmare again.

They stared at each other, even though it was pitch black in their room, they saw each other. Proving that the dream wasn’t real.

They crashed into each other’s arms, Evan’s hand wrapped in Ethan’s hair as he cried into his shoulder.

“I hate that dream.”

“I do too.”

“It feels so real.”

“I know.”

They lay down and snuggled close, so that they could shake off the terrifying feeling from the nightmare.

The feeling of being alone.

Because the other was somewhere else.

Somewhere that they couldn’t reach.

“I never want to feel like that.”

Ethan hushed his twin and pulled him close. “Remember, nothing can touch us. We’re soul mates.”

Evan nodded silently and Ethan kissed his head, their faces reflecting each other’s anxious expressions as Ethan desperately clutched Evan’s hand.

Their eyes started to slip shut again as they both murmured.

“Nothing can touch us.”

Not even the creeping shadows of the fear that they shared.



The Time For Sleep Is Now

It’s Nothing To Cry About

‘Cause We’ll Hold Each Other Soon

In The Blackest Of Rooms


Searing heat.

They were last ones in the hall.

They raced through the hall, towards the emergency exit.

They ran next to each other.

The only thing they knew was that they had to get out of the fire.

Sweat matted their blonde hair to their foreheads as they wound their way through the debris.

Suddenly, the building started to collapse and a mound of wreckage landed in front of Ethan, who flew back and coughed violently.

Evan yelled and picked his brother up, supporting him by the shoulders as they headed towards the door.

But Evan knew before Ethan did, the older twin heard the creaking of the roof and walls over the loud crackling of the fire and literally threw Ethan into the door, the sudden weight pushed it open and Ethan rolled forward onto the ground as the roof collapsed inward.


Ethan stifled his coughing into the cool dirt.

Ethan looked up to his side. “Thanks Ev-“

He stopped and whipped his head around to his other side. “Evan?”

He shot up to his feet, despite the aching pain and need to double over and cough. “Evan?!”

He spun around searching for the identical blonde hair, maybe in the bushes? ANYWHERE?

Ethan started panicking as he stared at the flaming building and he ran forward. “EVAN!”

Prepared to take another dive through hell if he needed to.

Evan couldn’t be in there.

No. He couldn’t be.


He felt hands hold him back and push him into a strong pair of arms.

The fire fighters ran into the building and Ethan struggled against his restraints. “EVAN!”

He continued screaming and fighting until his voice was hoarse, he started wheezing from the smoke he inhaled.

But Logan could still hear him choking out Evan’s name. Logan pulled him away as the fire was put out and rubble was sifted through.


The oxygen mask he forced over Ethan’s mouth was pushed away and Ethan stumbled forward as the fire fighters pulled out a body.

Logan caught him by the back of his charred blazer and pulled him back, pressing his friend’s face into his chest.

“Ethan, you don’t want to see that!”

Ethan slammed his fists into his chest, painfully managing to push him away just in time to see them zip Evan’s body into a black body bag.

“NO!” He pushed them out of the way, blindly searching for his hand through his tears. “Evan! WE SAID NOTHING COULD TOUCH US!” He collapsed onto his knees and started coughing, leaning his head onto the cold plastic.


His hand still groped for the one that would never squeeze back again.

No matter how badly he needed it to.

It never would.

“You,” He clutched his stomach, crying and coughing. “Promised.”

His hand shot out to the zipper and he fumbled, he needed to see Evan.

He coughed out the word that he lost Evan to…it had finally won. “Nothing.”

The zipper started to move down and he felt someone pulling away.


As he was whirled around, he caught a glimpse of the badly burned body. No blonde hair…not even much skin…

Ethan didn’t recognize him.

And that was terrifying.

“We’re-we’re soul mates.”

Broken sobs wracked his body as he shook.

“Soul mates.”


If Heaven And Hell Decide That They Both Are Satisfied

Illuminate The No’s On Their Vacancy Signs

If There’s No One Beside You When You’re Soul Embarks

Then I’ll Follow You Into The Dark.




“Always together.”



“I’m Tweedledee.”

“And I’m Tweedledum.”

“Also known as Evan.”

“And Ethan.”

“Or simply,”

“The Tweedles.”


…I’m coming Evan.

You don’t have to be alone anymore.

Ever again.

‘Cause this is all just a nightmare

And now I’m waking up.


 I’ll Follow You Into The Dark.

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