Dalton Drabble: Monster. Never Good Enough. Losing. A Second Chance. Death. The End.

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Logan turned the pill bottle in his hand.

The moonlight streamed into his room, the saturated full moon hung like a perfect ornament in the dark sky.

But Logan felt nothing.


He struggled to fight against the haze that threatened to take over.

He tried thinking of Kurt.

…It didn’t work.

He still felt numb.

Was this really better than how he felt without the pills?

He was a fucking monster.

Was it too much to ask?

To feel like a normal



And to not have to worry about hurting his friends?

Because that thing inside his mind.

It was too explosive.

But it was better than this.

Whatever the hell ‘this’ is…


Reed tore at his hair, desperately fighting the urge to scream at the top of his lungs in frustration and just stop.

Stop being…not good enough.


He was already working on his-what?-twentieth-thirtieth painting for that exhibition.

Another blank canvas to fill.

Another exhibition to prepare.

Another photo shoot to pose for.

For a Mother who would never be satisfied with what he did.

But Reed would get used to that.

He already was.

He was never good enough.

For anybody.

Not even himself.


Derek stuck his head out of his room.



Logan’s eyes narrowed dangerously and he took a step towards the shorter boy.

Derek ran between them and gently held Logan back.

“Lo, leave Jules alone.”

Logan continued to glare at Julian and tried to push Derek out of the way. Derek grabbed his friend’s collar and shook him, trying to bring him back to his senses.

“Logan, calm the fuck down!”

He didn’t listen and Derek closed his eyes, not wanting to have to do this…

He swung Logan around and into the wall, the blonde fell to the floor after a loud thud and Derek let out the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.

“Lo, where are your meds?”

“…Don’t worry; they’re kicking in right now.”

Logan straightened and heaved a heavy sigh before marching into his room without another word or glance at the two.

Derek seemed to visibly age as he turned to face Julian.

Julian’s door slammed violently.

I can’t…

If I can barely keep them from tearing each other’s throats out…

What the hell can I do?

…I’m losing my two best friends…


Dwight chanted as he fixed the protection he set up around Windsor.

He slowly trailed off as he finished and he fell to his knees with a tired groan.

The grass crunched under his legs and shook his head.

The air was heavy with…something.

And the hunter couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Am I not doing well enough?

…All I need is second chance.

A second chance, to get it right.

He clutched the pendulum around his neck and lowered his head. Desperately trying to bite back those stubborn tears.

Hunters don’t cry.

Be strong for everyone, and protect them.

I can’t let anything happen to them.

It was the calm before the storm.

He could feel it.

And I refuse to let it happen again.

I’ll keep them safe, I don’t care what it takes, I’d give my fucking life for these guys.

“Hey, Dwight?”

He spun around, holy water sprayer poised.

It was Laura.

“I need you help…I think something is wrong with Adam…something dangerous.”

“Of course.” He stood up and dusted off his black coat. “Of course I’ll help.”

Whatever it takes.


Julian stared at the computer monitor.

An e-mail.

Oh, Julian, I can’t wait until we’re finally alone together…I’m coming for you soon. Don’ forget. You’re mine.

Julian closed his eyes tightly and hit delete.

He took a shaky breath before falling back into the chair. He opened his eyes and looked at his reflection.

Dark shadows weighed down his already tired eyes. He was pale and shaken.

And terrified.

Images flitted through his mind.

Bloody petals.

                Mutilated pictures.

                                Messages written in blood.

                                                All for him.

“I’m coming for you.”




“I’ll kill you if you’re someone else’s.”

Kill him.

Panic rushed through him as he continued to think about it. He couldn’t stop the horrifying messages and gifts.

And he was scared.

Because if his stalker did come for him…he knows he won’t be able to stop them.

He couldn’t die like this.

Not without…telling Logan.

But he couldn’t…never.

He was too selfish and too fucking scared to do that.

But there is so much more to be scared of.

…And dying is what he was most afraid to face.


Ethan and Evan quietly leaned against each other as they both surveyed their friends.

Kurt and Blaine snuggled close, sipping coffee and talking in hushed voices.

Wes and David were bickering like an elderly married couple.

“Just please give me the notes for Newman.”

“Wes, man, how many times have I been over this?”

“Oh come on!”

Ethan and Evan shared a knowing look. Nothing out of the ordinary with those two.

Dwight dashed through the common room, his black coat flying out behind him as he muttered something.

“Hanover…breaking into…room…”

A crash resounded through out the house, followed by the usual boom from Drew and Satoru’s room. Reed tumbled off the last few steps. The artist hissed in frustration and pain as he got to his feet and quickly adjusted his mussed uniform. He scooped up his fallen artwork and calmly walked out of Windsor.

Outside a group of Hanovers talked amongst themselves before jumping to their feet to assist Reed.

Ethan and Evan grinned as they watched the rigged trap they set, go off.

Dozens of water balloons bombarded Charlie, David and Wes.


“This means that the one we set up at Stuart should work.”

Wes gaped at the twins and David turned to Charlie.

“Charlie, may I have your bat so that I may beat those two senseless?”

The tall prefect calmly wiped his eyes. “Only after I’m done.”

Ethan and Evan sprinted out of Windsor just as howls of aggravation came from Stuart.

They ran by and snickered as a paint covered Derek walked out of Stuart and angrily yelled at the two boys.

“You two!”

Marcus ran after them, carrying a water of paint filled balloon, joining Charlie, Wes and David.

Soon, all of Stuart house were chasing them all across the courtyard.

The twins leaped back into Windsor as thy cackled with laughter.

This was Dalton.

A chase, pranks.

This was peaceful.

But they both knew that the clock was ticking.

The happiness would have to end.

The only question was,

How soon?

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