Justin Bancroft: Brat Prince

Justin did in fact get into a fight on his first day at Dalton.

Thankfully the White Queen has gotten out of his gang and fighting ways and cleaned himself up.

Justin Bancroft rolled his eyes as he slipped out of Geometry.

He hated it here.

And it was only his first day.

I can’t believe it….they set me up for that damn arson and that gun…bloody bastards. 

Now he was stuck here at this preppy all boys academy, expected to not only ‘straighten out’, but to find a suitable girl to bring home to the parents.

At an all boys school.

I really don’t think my family thought this through. 

The tall English boy seemed to clear a path through the hallways, other students making way for the stormy boy, whose dark expression was not missed.

He rammed someone’s side unexpectedly and they nearly fell to the ground as he kept walking to his next class. They neatly spun back to their feet and whirled around, grabbing the back of Justin’s blazer and turning him to face them with surprising strength.

“Jesus, watch it will ya?

Justin glared at the equally as tall boy who stood in front of him; he had tousled brown hair that just barely brushed his bright kind blue eyes. He looked him up and down; he also had a strong build. Probably another stupid jock.

His own cold blue eyes flicked to the blue and gold pin on his collar and Justin snorted derisively. A Windsor.

“I think I’ll do whatever the bloody hell I want.”

He twisted out of the Windsor’s grip.

Or at least tried to.

Justin raised an eyebrow in slight surprise as he kept a firm hold on him.

“English? Alright, I’m going to lay down some rules for you.” He stepped even closer to the ‘brat prince’, his eyes darkening. “You can’t stampede through the fucking halls and just knock people around like they don’t matter, so if you’re going to be an ignorant and spoiled brat then do so elsewhere.”

Justin’s eyes widened in mock surprise as he put his hand to his mouth. “I’m terrified.” He lowered his hand and evenly matched the other boy’s gaze. “What the fuck are you going to do about it?”

The crowd in the hall warily stepped towards the two seething boys, prepared to pull them apart if needed. Ethan and Evan casually held some of the Windsors back and shook their heads, as if to say, “Not yet.”

“You really want to go there?” The Windsor eyed him.

Justin stayed silent and set his mouth in a grim line. Damn, I’m supposed to be ‘straightening myself out’. Don’t….

He nodded and started to walk away from Justin. “That’s what I thought…brat prince.”

Justin’s cool façade broke at the sound of his old nickname.

His fist shot out and he threw the first punch, nearly knocking him to the floor. The other boy bent over for a second, and then whipped around, pushing Justin into the table behind him.

Soon then were rolling around on the floor, throwing punches at each other as they continued to be evenly matched.


A stern voice rang out above the din, but Justin continued to fight. The athlete picked Justin up by the collar and practically threw him into the waiting crowd. They immediately held the Hanover back and the twins pulled their fellow conspirator back.

Avery and Colin approached them, taking in the sight of the two bloodied and bruised students. The worse injury was probably the split lip and black eye, but otherwise they had not seriously maimed each other.

Well, nothing they hadn’t seen before at least.

Though being the prefects of Windsor and Hanover, it was a little hard to see something you hadn’t seen before.

The Prefect of Windsor house pointed to them and waved them over. “You two, the Dean’s office.”

Avery walked forward and grabbed Justin’s arm, releasing him from the crowd, who were struggling to hold him back.



Justin crossed his arms as he leaned back in his chair, the nurse was rushing around. Apparently some students were bungee jumping off the top of the Stuart, and were simultaneously pelting the hardworking Stuarts with jawbreakers and marshmallows.

At least until the Stuarts retaliated.

In some sort of fashion that ended with a handful of students in the clinic.

I think their names were Dave-Davis?-and that kid whose also in Hanover…Will, West? Something that starts with a W. Then there’s that guy they call “D”. Well at least the blonde and brunette one do. Speaking of which the brunette looks familiar…

Like he actually cared about any of these people. He rolled his eyes, and gingerly winced as the nurse applied some sort of lotion to his black eye.

The clinic doors opened and Colin, the Windsor prefect, set the boy from the hall down in a chair forcefully.

“You, need to stay here and accompany Justin back to Hanover.”

“And don’t forget that you are both on campus arrest.”

He merely nodded and Colin gave Justin a small smile before leaving. He turned to face Justin and Ms. Summers, the nurse, gave a tissue to wipe away the blood from his split lip.

“So where did you learn to fight like that?”

He wasn’t being rude or nosy, he actually sounded…curious. As if everything that happened earlier didn’t matter. He turned his blue eyes towards him and they no longer conveyed any anger towards Justin. Just…kindness.

Justin sneered. “I picked it up.”

“Well, I have to admit, you’re pretty good.” He hissed in pain as he dabbed at his lip with rubbing alcohol.

Justin cocked an eyebrow, what?

“You’re not too bad yourself.”

Did he really just say that?

He inwardly groaned, I’m complimenting the guy I just fought with on my first day here? This place is already getting to me.

“I mean, I’ve never met someone that could match me, especially once it really got down to it. I’ve met plenty of other guys and they couldn’t even handle being on top…” Justin froze, that is not what I meant to say.

The Windsor’s eyebrows went farther up on his forehead.

“…Bloody hell; what I’m trying to say is that I appreciate a challenge as much as the next guy…Holy fuck, not like that.”

Justin saw him trying to suppress a smile, but he failed miserably.

“Let’s just start over, alright?” Justin said, dropping his head into his hands as he started to laugh.

“Look man, I have no problem if you swing that way-“

“No. Trust me-I don’t.”

He chuckled. “So your name is Justin?”

“Justin Bancroft.”

He stuck his hand out towards Justin and grinned. The sort of smile that labels you as crazy, or brilliant.

Usually both, due the fact that if you were one you had to be the other.

Justin would soon learn that smile was worn by all Windsor boarders.

Like the Cheshire Cat. That mad smile.

“I’m Charlie Amos.”

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