Jogan Fic: When You’re Gone


Logan pulled the blazer on; black and simple; just the way Julian liked it.

He walked out of the townhouse with one last glance in the mirror. Off to see Jules.


Logan smiled at the florist, Nicole, she smiled back.

“The usual?” She asked, tossing her pink hair over her shoulder.

Logan nodded and handed over a thick wad of bills, he never accepted the change.

Nicole handed him a bouquet of bright forget-me-nots, white lilies with red roses nestled in the middle.

                “I hope they like it.” She said, as always.

                He chuckled softly. “Jules probably thinks it’s horribly cliché.” Nodding towards Nicole. “Thank you.”


                Logan stepped out of his car; he grabbed the flowers and a small picnic basket. The sun shined down brightly on the gorgeous landscape, it was a beautiful day. Perfect. He patted the letter in his pocket, it only had five words.

I love you.

Marry me?


                As he walked across the grass he thought of what I had taken for Julian to finally tell him all those years ago.


                Logan clutched Julian to him; the school was thrown into chaos when Julian stumbled onto the steps of Stewart house, beaten within an inch of his life.

                911, what’s your emergency?”

                “Someone’s been attacked at Dalton Academy.”

                Julian feebly reached up and tugged on Logan’s sleeve. “Lo”.

                Logan looked down at the brutally beaten and bloodied boy lying in his arms. “Don’t worry Jules.”

                Logan pulled Julian up into a sitting position and brushed his lips against his head.

                “I’ve got you Jules, I’ve got you.”


                Logan clambered into the back of the ambulance. He sat down, squeezing Julian’s hand. He felt him squeeze back gently. Julian’s brown eyes found his anxious green ones, his lips quirked into scared smile as a mask was lowered on his face.


                Logan stepped out of the medivac, still holding his best friend’s hand, who was desperately clutching it.

                “I’m here.”

                Logan said reassuringly, leaning over Julian. The doctors started to get ready to move Julian into the hospital. Julian pulled down the mask. His skin pale from blood loss and bruises blossoming across his face and down his neck, he took a shaky breath.

                “Logan,” The blonde stared down at him with his luminous green eyes that had always captivated him, Julian’s voice came out as a whisper.

                “Promise me you’ll stop being such an ignorant prat.”

                A small smile played across his lips. “I’ll try; you’ll be there to keep me in line.”

                Julian opened his mouth as the doctors started to push him off to the ER.

                “And Lo?”

                Logan ran with them, still holding Julian’s hand.

                “Yeah, Jules?”

He struggled to keep up, as the doctors bustled about. Julian continued to stare at Logan, taking the sight of him in.

                “I love you.”

They burst into the ER, the doctors pushed Logan away. He felt Julian’s hand slip out of his. Logan stared at the moving gurney, Julian still stared at him and Logan opened his mouth, just as the doors swung shut.


                Logan held the picnic basket in on hand and the flowers in the other. He walked across the grass, seeing Julian waiting for him, a light breeze tousling his oak brown hair. A breathtaking smile lighting up his eyes as he saw Logan. He lifted a hand and waved, gracing Logan with a laugh that escaped his lips. Logan smiled back, his heart skipping a beat.


                Logan blinked. He stared at the empty space and walked forward, setting the picnic basket down and leaning the flowers and letter down against the gravestone like he did every year since Julian said “I love you”. He leaned in and kissed the smooth stone.

“Hey Jules.”


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